Evansville Police Department

Hazardous Devices Unit

The Evansville Police Department’s Hazardous Devices Unit (Bomb Squad) consists of four bomb technicians and one K9.  The Bomb Squad technicians are specially trained in the recognition, identification, and disarming of explosive/incendiary devices, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and are also certified Hazmat Technicians. Bomb Technicians are certified by the FBI at their Hazardous Devices School at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.  Technicians must successfully complete a refresher course at Redstone Arsenal every three years. Additionally, these officers must receive 232 hours of hands-on training in hazardous devices each year.  Bomb technicians are members of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators and receive additional training each year from this organization.  One of the officers handles the department’s explosive detection K-9 who is specifically trained to sniff out the odor of explosives.


In 2016 the Bomb Squad was reaccredited by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  This accreditation must be renewed every 5 years to ensure we are in compliance with national guidelines.   In addition to responding to explosive-related incidents and threats, our Bomb Squad is also responsible for providing dignitary protection, conducting bomb sweeps at specific events held at various venues within Evansville, providing security at special events such as the Shriner’s Fest, WSNC Fall Festival and races, as well as routine sweeps at the Evansville Regional Airport.


The Evansville Police Department Bomb Squad is a Regional Bomb Squad covering 12 counties in Southern Indiana as well as assisting other Bomb Squads and government agencies around the tri-state area.


What do I do if I suspect a potential explosive device?

If you suspect that you have found an explosive device or have a question about an item that you feel might be dangerous you should keep a safe distance and call 911. Dispatch will send out an officer to investigate. That officer will contact an explosive devices technician to come out.