Evansville Police Department

Body Worn Camera Request

It is the policy of the Evansville Police Department (EPD) to allow for inspection and copying of public records in its possession.  As a police department, EPD has in its possession many records that in whole or in part are confidential by law.  Requests for copies of video from Body Worn Cameras (BWC) present a unique challenge in determining whether the requested record is public.  Further challenges arise when confidential material is contained within the recording.  It is the policy of EPD to balance the interests of individuals who seek access to BWC records with individual privacy rights and applicable confidentiality laws.

Requests for EPD Body Worn Camera Video must be submitted using the provided Public Records Request.  The form is necessary to ensure accuracy, accountability, and timely responses.  Requestors can download, complete and submit this form through email or standard mail.  Requestors may also come to EPD Headquarters to fill out the form in person.  Specific instructions on the entire request process are detailed on the request form.  It may be necessary for us to contact the requestor for clarification or to discuss refinement of the scope of the request.  

BWC recordings that are evidence in an ongoing investigation, judicial or administrative proceeding, are not public records until either the matter is concluded or, in the case of a criminal proceeding, the evidence is submitted in a public forum (filed with the court or submitted in open court).  Such recordings will not be released until they become public.  EPD has established procedures to comply with House Enrolled Act 1019 that was signed by Governor Mike Pence on March 21, 2016.  Requestors are encouraged to review HEA 1019 prior to requesting video.

A fee will be charged for the processing of a recording to redact confidential information.  The fee is $150.00 per recording.  No fee will be charged for the research, preparation of a video for inspection, or for the actual inspection.   

Full payment of the estimated fee is required before any records will be processed and provided.  Payment can be made in money order, or cashier’s check (Payable to the Evansville Police Department).  Debit and credit card payments are not possible at this time.  

Click the following link(s) to download the form(s):  

Body Camera APRA Request Form

APRA – Public Records Request Form