Evansville Police Department

Gold Certified Properties

Certified Crime-Free Properties

The below businesses have successfully fulfilled the requirements to be recognized as Gold Certified Properties.

Marion Apartments

3404 Marion Ave.

David & Rebecca Butrum

The Crossing Office Pic

3404 Marion Ave. David & Rebecca Butrum

2451 Waterbridge Way

Evansville, IN 47710


Crossing Apartments Facebook Page

Classic Town Homes

1222-24 Macarthur Cir.

1209-11 Corregidor Cir.

1222-24 Corregidor Cir.

Contact owner Tim Bray @


Sunrise East Apartments

3974 Covert Av.

Evansville, IN. 47714


Shady Tree Pic

Shady Tree Apartments

3900 N. Fulton Av.

Evansville, IN 47710

Phone: 812-422-4444


Market Realty LLC


Contact:  Frank Peterlin


Fielding Court Apartments

3 Brentwood Dr.

Evansville, IN. 47715

Phone: 812-477-8911


Rental Registration

In an effort to assist the Evansville Police Department in promptly contacting owners of rental property within the city limits, the Evansville City Council, the Police Department, and landlords and tenants worked together to create a registry of accurate owner contact information. The City Clerk’s webpage for registration requirements is located at the following URL: http://evansvillegov.org/index.aspx?page=2943

Registration Portal

Click below link to access the on-line Rental Registration Form:

Rental Registration Portal


Click here to download the interactive PDF file of the Rental Registration Form.