Evansville Police Department

Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle was towed by the Evansville Police Department it was taken to Tri-State Towing at 1501 N. Evans in Evansville, IN  47711.  Phone: (812) 476-4004


NOTE: Only the registered owner, with picture I.D., can recover the vehicle.  It is recommended to contact Tri-State Towing prior to arriving to recover your vehicle for three reasons:

  1. To ensure Tri-State is open;
  2. To ensure that you will have all the proper paperwork to recover your vehicle and;
  3. To arrange a time to recover your vehicle– this will allow Tri-State to get your vehicle ready, decreasing your wait time.


Any vehicle towed by the police department for the abandoned vehicle violation will be taken to Wolf’s Auto Auction (812)425-4576.