Evansville Police Department

Special Operations

The Evansville Police Department’s Special Operations Section consists of highly-trained personnel with specialized weapons, vehicles, and equipment designed to enhance police operations and resolve critical incidents. The Special Operations Section is tasked with assisting all departmental components with specialized traffic, tactical, and planning services. 


The Special Operations Section is comprised of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.), Crisis Negotiations Unit (C.N.U), Hazardous Devices Unit (H.D.U.), Canine Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit, Hit and Run Unit and the Alarm Coordinator.

The Special Operations Section allows the Evansville Police Department to provide the citizens of Evansville well trained and equipped units of officers that are prepared to handle a variety of situations.


Units from the Special Operations Section are involved in responding to critical incidents within the City of Evansville as well as Vanderburgh County and responding regionally when requested by other agencies and jurisdictions throughout Indiana, Western Kentucky and Southeastern Illinois.