Evansville Police Department

Sexual Violence Unit

Three investigators investigate incidents of sexual crimes and violence involving both juveniles and adults. The unit meets with representatives of various agencies and organizations in order to provide quality investigative, counseling and referral services for those in need of services.



Where can I file petition for a Protective Order?

You may file a petition for a Protective Order in any court unless you have a pending divorce or legal separation in another court. Then, you must file the petition in that court. Vanderburgh County residents may file the order at the Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office, Vanderburgh County Courts Building located at 825 Sycamore Street. There is no charge to file a petition for a Protective Order.

What information is needed to file a protective order?

You will need to have the abuser’s name, sex, race, height, and weight (approximations are OK), hair color, eye color and date of birth. You should also have a known address where the abuser can be served with the order.

Contact the Sexual Violence Unit

The Sexual Violence Unit is located at Holly’s House, 750 North Park Drive, Evansville, IN.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
After hours emergency call outs are initiated by calling the Central Dispatch center at 911.

Phone: (812) 436-7949
Fax: (812) 435-2396