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Humane Unit

The Evansville Police Department is committed to the protection of all animals in our community. The agency investigates abuse and neglect of animals through the enforcement of local ordinances and state laws that regulate their care. We work closely with Evansville Animal Care and Control to prevent and prosecute animal abuse and provide education to our citizens. The department has also established operational guidelines regarding animal complaints and offenses to guide officers when handling incidents involving animals.

Sergeant Sarah Brown is the department liaison for animal neglect and abuse cases. She is assisted by Officer James BeardDetective Michael BeitlerOfficer Kevin CorbinOfficer Jeremy McCrarey, Officer Andrew Beaver, Officer Allison Farmer, Officer Corey NuttDetective Dillon Powers, and Officer Eric Slaton in properly investigating animal concerns and welfare through the creation of the Humane Unit.

The Evansville Police Department has also teamed up with Animal Care and Control in an effort to help alleviate the homeless pet population in our community. Officers with the department agree to be photographed with an adoptable pet, in an effort to gain exposure for that animal and, hopefully, help put an end to the problem of shelter overpopulation.

The Humane Unit also maintains a database of convicted offenders for those found guilty of animal related crimes within the City of Evansville. This information assists local shelters, rescues and individuals in preventing criminals from obtaining animals from those organizations meant to protect them. The registry can be viewed from the following link: Convicted Animal Offenders >

Ordinance Regulations

City of Evansville animal control ordinance regulates the care and control of animals within the city limits. 


Click the link to view the City Ordinance: City Animal Control Ordinance »

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Animal Care & Control 
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