Evansville Police Department

Chief's Office

The Chief’s Office is staffed by the Chief, Assistant Chief, one Deputy Chief, a Captain, a Sergeant who serves as the Administrative Assistant, an Internal Affairs Sergeant and a civilian who serves as the Chief’s Secretary.


The Chief’s Secretary takes calls, schedules meetings, types correspondence, types statements for Internal Affairs, receives and sorts mail, and many other clerical duties that are needed in this position. The position requires a wide variety of clerical duties and communication skills as other city leaders, media, and community members contact the office for assistance.


The secretary must work closely with the Chief to maintain an efficiently-operating department. A wide range of calls are received in this office, so a full knowledge of government operations as well as standard operating procedures and department policies is required.


What is the number for the jail?

(812) 421-6200

What is the Prosecutor’s phone number?

(812) 435-5150

When’s my court date?

Contact the Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office at (812) 435-5160.

What’s the Mayor’s phone number?

(812) 436-4962

How do I file a complaint on an officer?

Contact the Internal Affairs Sergeant at (812) 436-7890. It is helpful to have the date, location, and time of the incident and the officer(s)’ name, if known.

Contact the Chief's Office

The Chief’s Office is located at Police Headquarters, Room 101.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (812) 436-7896
Fax: (812) 435-6175