Evansville Police Department

Abandoned Vehicles

All abandoned vehicle complaints are handled by Crime Prevention Officers.  If you have an abandoned vehicle question or complaint, please contact the Crime Prevention Office by calling the below number:


(812) 435-6135

In accordance with Evansville Municipal Code 8.10.220 and Indiana Code 9-13-2-1, a vehicle is determined to be abandoned if it falls under any of the following:


  • Parked on public property, including easement, and has not been moved for three consecutive days.
  • Mechanically inoperable (It cannot be started and legally driven, i.e. flat tires, no battery, no drive train, broken windows, etc.)
  • License plate is expired or not registered to this vehicle or has no plate at all.

To read the Evansville Municipal Code and Indiana State Statute in their entirety follow the links below:



(Once in the above link, enter 8.10.220 in the search field to view the ordinance)


If you are given notification by the Evansville Police Department that your vehicle is in violation, you have 72 hours from the time of notification to remove this vehicle or get it mechanically operable. Moving your vehicle onto private property and not correcting the cited issue will still leave you in violation of the city ordinance.


The fine for the first offense is $25. The fine doubles for each subsequent offense up to $100 per violation. Each day the vehicle is on your property is a separate violation.  You can be fined a total of $2500 and be responsible for any court cost, tow fees, and storage fees.


Any vehicle towed by the police department for the abandoned vehicle violation will be taken to Wolf’s Auto Auction (812) 425-4576.