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Possibly the most common complaint we receive in the Crime Prevention Unit pertains to the recurrence of crime on or near rental properties, and how that crime affects the quality of life of those residents in the surrounding area.  Obviously, not all-or even most-rental properties are “bad” properties renting to “bad” people, and not all are run by unconcerned landlords.  But Evansville contains nearly 22,000 occupied rental units.  It’s easy to see how even a small percentage of these properties that are run recklessly, or without adequate supervision, can wreak havoc on the Evansville community as a whole.


In an effort to combat the problems that arise from distressed rental properties, the Evansville Police Department is sponsoring a creative, successful program developed in Mesa, AZ back in the early 1990’s.  This program, Crime Free Multi-Housing©, is currently used in approximately 2,000 cities worldwide, in more than a dozen countries.  It’s a new way for EPD, local landlords, and tenants to work together to combat the issues of crime and nuisance behavior at duplexes, apartment communities, and other rental properties.  It addresses these issues through better tenant screening, attempting to ease eviction processes, better sharing of information between communities and EPD, education on criminal behavior and its infectious nature, and involving the community residents and landlords together by assigning them both responsibility and accountability, without decreasing their voice in how their community is run. 


The Crime Free Multi-Housing© program contains three phases, beginning with an eight-hour class where property managers/owners get to meet with local law enforcement personnel and other city departments, as well as receive education on topics pertinent to developing and maintaining a safe community.  From there, those properties wishing to join the program will receive a FREE CPTED survey (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design), covering areas such as lighting, landscaping, access control, territorial reinforcement, traffic calming, locks, key management, and more.  The final phase takes the form of a “social”, whereby members of the certified community gather for a crime awareness event taught by the Evansville Police Department and community personnel.


The Crime Free Multi-Housing© program, when applied correctly and with cooperation between law enforcement, property managers/owners, and property residents, can result in a significant drop in calls for service, not only for those properties, but for surrounding areas as well. 


We thank you for your interest, and look forward to working successfully towards our common goal of a better Evansville.

Summer CFMH Seminar

We are planning the next phase I Crime Free Multi-Housing seminar.  Details on the event will be released soon. The class is open to all city rental property owners, managers and maintenance personal. The seminar is free with lunch included, preregistration is required and slots are limited.  Topics covered will include additional information on the CFMH program and the benefits to owners, managers and tenants. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Meth Presentation, Gang Unit Presentation, Narcotics Presentation, Residential Lease Agreements and Eviction Procedures Presentation and Fire Safety Presentation. To sign up contact CFMH Coordinator Kevin Corbin at 485-3061 or Eric Krogman at 435-6116.

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Evansville Police Department Crime Free Multi-Housing Unit Certified CFMH© Coordinators


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