K-9 Unit

Phone: (812) 436-7946
The K-9 program is a volunteer program, and officers face a tough screening process to become members of this select group. K-9 officers and their families understand that assignment to the unit involves commitment--caring for the dog and spending many hours away from home in training exercises.
The Evansville Police Dept. K9 program began in 1981 with four single purpose German Shepherds. These dogs were assigned to Motor Patrol for general patrol duties. Since then, two drug interdiction dogs and an explosives-detector dog have been added. Dogs have been invaluable in the department's crime control efforts because of their keen sense of smell and agility. They are also a valuable resource when searching for lost children.
Currently the Evansville Police Department has nine K9 teams. Six of these teams are Dual-Purpose (Patrol / Narcotics Detection) German Shepherds. These are assigned to the Special Operations Section, and work City-Wide assisting Patrol. 
The Police Department has one Explosive Detection K9 and two Narcotics Detection K9’s (assigned to the Joint Narcotics Task Force). These are all Labrador Retrievers.
All of these K9’s are an extremely valuable tool to Law Enforcement, by utilizing the exceptional scenting abilities. The use of K9 teams makes the job much safer for the officers working the street.